DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center

The DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center

In 2008 Florida Power and Light chose David Nelson Construction as their prime site contractor to construct the largest solar energy field in the country. Located north of Arcadia in Desoto County, Florida the 200 acre site consisted of wooded and open farm land and cattle ranching. Over the next year DNCC transformed the site into a 25 megawatt next generation solar energy center with 90,500 solar panels and enough power to serve about 3,000 homes.  Project elements constructed by DNCC included 200 acres of clearing, 630,000 cy of pond and swale excavation and embankment, over 714,000 sy (147.5 acres) of grassing,   2,000 lf of storm drainage, over 2 miles of shell base rock roads, and landscaping. The project had strict environmental and safety requirements which were all meet by DNCC. In 2009 the project opened as the largest solar photovoltaic plant in the country with President Barack Obama attending the grand opening. 



Project:             Desoto Solar Energy Ctr.                  

Location:          DeSoto Co., Florida

Owner:              Florida Power & Light Co.                

Owner’s Rep:    Greg Bove                    

Phone:              (561)312-3934

Type:                          Civil Construction

Construction Area:     200 Acres

Capacity:                    Prime Contractor

Contract Value:          $3,418,000.00

Contract Type:            Lump Sum

Architect/Engineer:    Boyle Engineering Company

                                     Okeechobee, FL                     

Phone:                      (561)312-3934                                                

Completion Date:       2009