Hillcrest & Brookhill Traffic Calming

Hillcrest/Brookhill Neighborhood Traffic Calming and Stormwater Improvements


 This project was part of the City of Clearwater’s on-going traffic calming efforts, serving to reduce speeding and deter cut-through traffic in residential neighborhoods. Located in southern portion of Clearwater, the Hillcrest-Brookhill improvements included construction of intersection roundabouts, oval medians at neighborhood entrances as well as narrow medians and curb bulb-outs in midblock locations totaling 27 separate works areas throughout the neighborhood.

 The project also included the upgrading of the existing storm drainage system to alleviate flooding issues.  Project elements included maintenance of traffic, clearing, earthwork, replacement & installation of new storm drainage ranging in size from 15” to 42” in diameter, utility relocations/offsets to accommodate the new storm drainage, curb and gutter, sidewalks, stabilization, base, asphalt paving, concrete brick pavers, signing and pavement marking, decorative stamped asphalt, lighting, irrigation, landscaping and sod. The project required extensive coordination and phasing to maintain residential traffic as well as existing drainage throughout the project.  All of the work was completed while maintaining the traffic flow on the existing roads utilizing multiple detours and construction phases.



Project:           Hillcrest/Brookhill Traffic Calming

Location:        Clearwater, FL  

Owner:           City of Clearwater                                  

Owner’s Rep: Tara Kivett              

Phone:            (727) 741-0005                           


Type:                           Road Construction and

                               Stormwater Improvements

Construction Area:   27 locations

 Capacity:                   General Contractor

Contract Value:        $2,925,505.73

Contract Type:          Unit Price 

 Engineer:                  Sam Schwartz Engineering

Completion Date:     2015