TIA Joint Slab and Rehab

Runways 1L-19R and Associated Taxiways Joint & Slab Rehabilitation





This project consisted of multiple phases of airfield rehabilitation throughout the Tampa International Airport including Runway 1L-19R, Runway 1R-19L, and Runway 10-28 as well as most of the taxiway system.  Major work items included the removal and replacement of approximately 4,000 SY of existing 17”-thick Portland Cement Concrete pavement, 2,600 SY of econocrete base, repair of 400 LF of cracked concrete slabs, 1,900 SF of spall repair, resealing 505,000 LF of concrete joints, remarking of approximately 500,000 SF of airfield markings and the re-paving of 9,500 SY of lime rock base and asphalt on the Runway 1L Blast Pad.  Project also consisted of security fencing, excavation, sodding, airfield lighting, runway grooving and fire hydrant installation.

This project had multiple interim phasing deadlines that were aggressively scheduled to include night-work as well as 24-hour around the clock production without any allowances due to weather impacts.  DNCC was able to satisfy all phase deadlines and complete the project on-time and under budget.



Project:              R/W 1L-19R &

                           Associated T/W Joint &

                           Slab Rehabilitation

Location:           Tampa International Airport

Owner:               Hillsborough County

                           Aviation Authority

Owner’s Rep:   Dan Seeley, LEED AP        

Phone:              813-870-7871             


Type:                            Sitework, Airfield

Capacity:                     General Contractor

Contract Value:          $3,652.474.63

Contract Type:            Unit Price

Engineer:                     URS Corporation

Completion Date:       May 2014