US 41 Brooksville

US 41 Brooksville Roadway and Pedestrian Improvements


Downtown Brooksville has a large number of pedestrians traveling through the area. This coupled with the high traffic volumes that travel through US 41 created an unsafe environment for pedestrians.  FDOT released this contract to address the pedestrian issues for a 1.8 mile stretch on US 41 through Downtown Brooksville.  The main purpose of this contract was to create pedestrian walkways on both sides of US 41 from Lamar Street and through Twingate Ave. To facilitate construction of the pedestrian walkways it was necessary to couple the new improvements with the existing roadway shoulders and slopes.  A combination of concrete gravity walls, steel sheet piles walls, guardrails, curb and gutter, roadway widening, and steel handrailing were constructed to accommodate the new pedestrian walkways.  FDOT also wanted to address long standing drainage issues through this area. As a result, drainage structures were installed throughout and the existing roadway was re-profiled by milling/overbuild/resurfacing.  The challenges encountered throughout this project included accommodating pedestrians and high traffic volumes during construction. 



Project:               US 41 Brooksville, Contract E7109                           

Location:            Brooksville, FL

Contract Type:   Unit Price                              

Owner:                FDOT

Owner’s Rep:      Wm. Fred Watkins

Phone:                (352) 848-2601


Type:                            Roadway/Pedestrian Improvements                                                

Capacity:                      Prime Contractor        

Value:                           $2,806,370.00

Engineer:                      DRMP

Completion Date:       October 2013