Melrose Elementary School

Melrose Elementary School

Melrose Elementary, located in St Petersburg, Florida, services students from pre-k to 5th grade with a total of 361 students. With a need for more parking and parent-student pick up driving lanes, the School Board selected DNCC to act as the Construction Manager to provide the needed improvements. Our scope of work included a new parking lot and retention pond, a new aluminum canopy at the new parent pick up, fencing, landscaping, lighting and electrical work. The existing ground was formerly a land fill and was contaminated with ash from a City of St Petersburg incinerator. When the school was built, the site was remediated, however in the location of the new pond and parking lot some of the ash had been covered with a liner and a few feet of cover fill dirt. While it was safe to leave the ash in place, any material that we had to excavate had to be stockpiled and tested. If found to contain debris, it had to be removed from the site and properly disposed of. The schedule called for the start and completion of the work during summer break with a completion time of  98 days. Due to permit issues, we were forced to start our work late but we were able to complete the work in 76 days and finish prior to the start of school. The original not to exceed budget was $1,555,000 and our final bill to the school board was $1,068,000, 31.3% below the budget. 




Project:           Melrose Elementary School        

Location:        St. Petersburg, Florida                     

Owner:           Pinellas County School Board                       

Owner’s Rep:    Mike Parkinson                            

Phone:               (727)547-7124

Type:                          Site, Road and Structure Construction

Construction Area:   6 Acres

Capacity:                    Construction Manager

Contract Value:         $1,068,000.00 Final

                                    $1,555,025.00 Original

Engineer:                   Advanced Engineering & Design

Architect:                   Fleishman & Garcia

Phone:                         (727)547-7124

 Completion Date:     2011