St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport Parking Expansion

Remote Parking Lot Expansion – St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport


In order to expand its parking capacity, Pinellas County contracted with DNCC to construct a new overflow parking lot across the street from the airport and next to it’s existing overflow parking lot. Included in our scope was seal coating and restriping the existing parking lot for 521 parking spaces. With the new lot the total parking capacity was increased to 1,078 parking spaces. The new parking lot was completed within the contract time of 150 days in order to make the holiday parking crunch.

Some of the major elements in our contract included a new pond with 24,500 CY of excavation. The new pond side slopes were lined with 3,000 SY of 8” filter point fabric-formed concrete revetment mat. Also included in our scope was 23,000 SY of crushed concrete base with asphalt paving, 1,315 Lf of storm drainage, new fencing and automatic entry gates, four remote call box stations, site lighting, and four passenger shelters. At the completion of this project we negotiated a change order to add an addition remote parking area using 6 inches of recycled asphalt paving which was left over from a separate runway milling project. This added 493 additional parking spaces to the project.



Project:           Remote Parking Lot Expansion

Location:       St-Pete Clearwater International Airport, Pinellas County, Fl.

Owner:            Pinellas County

Contact:          Scott Yarley, PE, Airport Engineer

Phone:             727-453-7830


Construction Area:     7.2 Acres

Capacity:                    1,571 parking spaces              

Contract Value:          $2,200,000.00

Contract Type:           Unit Price        

Engineer:                     Jacobs Engineering

                                      Thomas Schilling, PE


Completion Date:       December 2016