Temple Terrace Redevelopment

Temple Terrace Downtown Re-development Project

The City of Temple Terrace partnered with Vlass Temple Terrace, LLC to redevelop two deteriorated shopping plazas into a mixed use development of retail, restaurant, office, residential, and civic components.  This re-development plan was the largest municipal improvement project in the city’s history. 


The new development plan required clearing of the entire site including six existing buildings, existing parking lot, and utilities. As a cost savings measure, pulverizing equipment was used to demolish the existing asphalt parking lot and allowed this material to be re-used for the new parking lot construction.  The scope of work included site clearing, earthwork, underground utilities, storm sewer, installation of a StormTech underground stormwater vault, hardscape including brick pavers and stem walls, roadway base, asphalt paving, site lighting, and landscaping. 


The project required construction to be completed in eight separate phases to allow the existing plaza to remain operational during construction.  The project also included an accelerated schedule for completion of each phase in order to facilitate the developer’s contractual requirements to future tenants.  This required close coordination with the Developer, Tenants, The City of Temple Terrace, and the individual utility stakeholders.  




Project:           Temple Terrace Downtown                

                        Redevelopment Project          

Location:        Temple Terrace, Florida      

Capacity:        Prime Contractor

Owner:            Vlass Temple Terrace, LLC/

                        City of Temple Terrace          

Owners Rep:  Mike Lant               

Phone:             (678) 714-1304           


Type:                          Site Re-Development                                 

Construction Area:   18 Acres                     

Value:                         $3,277,633.00

Contract Type:          Lump Sum

Engineer:                   EMK Consultants of Florida, Inc                   

Completion Date:      April 2012